Giovanni (John) was born February 8, 1905 in San Severino Marche, Italy.   He emigrated to the United States in 1906 with his mother, Rita.   According to the 1920 U.S. Census, Giovanni worked in the coal mines as a slate picker.  He returned to San Severino Marche, in 1920 with the family.


In 1924 Giovanni and his brother Pietro emigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He married  Antonia Russo Tiesi and had two children. Giovanni died in Argentina on August 13, 1973.


                1 Maria Amelia born 1929 died 16 Febuary 1975 . See death certificate on page 41.

                2 Horacio born December 13, 1941.

The following photos are of Giovanni and his family.


                 Giovanni about 1917.

Giovanniís wife, his daughter Maria and Giovanni.


Maria, Giovanni and Horasio.



Giovanni died 13 August 1973 see death certificate page 49.

Antonia Russo Tiesi died 30 April 1983 see death certificate page 48.



























Horacio has two sons from his first wife Cristina V. Teijeiro:

            1. Daniel Horacio born in April 17, 1967

            2. Pablo HernŠn born in march 11, 1970

Daniel has married with Carolina Senatore and Pablo has married with Valeria Sanchez in January 22, 2004.


In this picture from left to right are Carolina, Valeria, Pablo and Daniel.